Digital surveys in the healthcare sector

Individual. Intuitive. In real time.

Digital surveys in
the healthcare sector

Trust the market leader and start your patient and resident questionnaires or employee surveys now. Cost-effective, without access to your IT infrastructure.


The complete SayWay med solution:
Hardware, surveys, evaluation in real time


The right solution for every location

Our systems are robust, water-resistant and optimised for a long service life – as floor stands, compact wall and counter systems, or even as mobile tablets. Made in Germany – and equipped with hand disinfection units since May 2020 to ensure safe use.
More than 15000 SayWay terminals are in action in over 40 countries.

Hardware systems for all environments


Nothing is impossible

SayWay med surveys can include all possible question options, free text fields, split questions – all required and legally permitted questionnaire criteria can easily be met. Questionnaires are suitable for all displays and can be tailored to your CI specifications.
SayWay med will help you with the creation of a “perfect questionnaire” for feedback from your patients, residents, relatives and employees. We are the market leader in the medical sector, with over 20 years of experience.

Flexible surveys, custom optimised


Simple, efficient, in real time

Feedback from the terminals or online surveys is merged and processed fully automatically and in real time. Dashboards can be individually configured and accessed from any Internet-capable device. Access can also be personalised using a roles and rights system.
The optimisation of our evaluation software derives from over 20 years of experience in online and digital research, combined with the medical expertise gained by SayWay med in over 1000 projects.

Automated evaluation


Collect feedback on site,
not via social media!


Keeping our finger on the pulse of patients

Use SayWay med to survey various target groups (patients, relatives, employees, referral doctors via the online tool, etc.) in different contexts (for example, in the ward, ambulances, patient rooms, waiting areas, during discharging, etc.)
SayWay med has completed over 950 projects in hospitals, convalescence and health resort clinics since 2012, primarily in the DACH region.

In hospitals, convalescence and health resort clinics


Collect feedback on site, not via social media!

You can permanently integrate patient and employee opinions in your business with SayWay med. A cost-effective way to reach target groups and their “moments of truth”, obtaining honest, specific feedback.
We will be delighted to help you create appropriate questionnaires, drawing on our experience from over 700 projects in medical practices, medical care centres and therapy centres.

In medical practices, medical care centres and therapy centres


Ask, understand, improve!

You can provide residents, relatives and employees with an anonymous communication channel to express their praise and criticism directly on site with SayWay med. This is not just a signal of respect for your target group. You can also react directly to negative developments.
SayWay med provides you with tailored advice to find the best possible survey process. The expertise required in this field is derived from more than 500 projects in the care sector.

In senior citizen centres and care homes



SayWay med

Robust, durable, made in Germany

  • Four models, suitable for all locations
  • Metal elements with your CI/design
  • Ready for use in five minutes


    All hardware is manufactured at the SayWay headquarters in Cologne and is ready for use within five minutes. Data exchange with SayWay servers occurs automatically (via WLAN or via 4G and integrated SIM card) so that all feedback can be viewed in real time.

  • Delivered in a SayWay Safebox
  • Over 15000 systems currently in use


Profit from over 20 years digital research in the medical sector


Individual surveys

There is only one “right” survey – yours!

SayWay med provides individual advice when creating your personalised surveys, e.g. during the design of your patient questionnaire in line with the legal regulations in the medical sector.

A flexible tool – continually optimised over the years
Our SayWay med survey software encompasses all feasible question types and filters, can integrate various languages and media, and can also be used for announcements and for disseminating knowledge. Changes and upgrades are implemented remotely from our Cologne headquarters, so on-site interventions are not necessary.

Questionnaires can not only be called up via the terminals (see Hardware), they can also be called via links, e-mail or QR codes. This means target groups can be surveyed even after their visit in a facility. This includes groups that are not usually on site (e.g. referrers).


Data transfer in real time

SayWay med terminals are permanently connected to the Internet (via WiFi or 4G). Data transfer is automatic and immediate – a prerequisite for rapid reaction to feedback.

Acting, not waiting:
We have developed the SayWay Alert System so that you do not miss any critical feedback and can react directly to it. If specific keywords appear in the feedback (for instance, “dirty”, “unfriendly”, “waiting time”, etc.), an alert e-mail is automatically dispatched to a specific list of addressees. Users can also leave a contact request.

Security & data protection
Our systems are operated exclusively in German computer centres certified to TÜV and ISO 27001. Patient data is AES-256bit-encrypted and connections to SayWay med are secured with TLS. Our services are fully compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


The online reporting platform

All feedback from terminals or online questionnaires are merged in the SayWay med evaluation platform. You can access this platform from any Internet-capable device. Access to data can be customised via a roles/rights system.

The dashboards
Dashboards display processed data overviews and can be individually configured to your requirements. They can, for instance, contain KPI measurements (your main quality indicators, e.g. net promoter score over time, benchmark values from various locations, stations or departments, and automated sentiment analysis of texts).

State of the art
Together with our customers in the medical sector, we can constantly improve our online reporting platform. Over 20 years of experience in digital research in the medical sector have flowed into this optimisation.



Interface to complaints management


Contact request


e-mail alert in real time


Prompt processing
by an employee



Advantages of SayWay med and further options


Solutions for every requirement and budget


Cost savings through


Digital surveys:
Increased response rates


Indicates respect for patients and residents


Referrer surveys via
online link or in house


Utilisation of KPIs
as marketing instruments


Integration in bedside and
entertainment terminals possible


Online surveys
via a link on your website


Gain an edge on competitors
through patient focus


Survey options for
children and young people


Motivation and appreciation
of employees


Compliance with statutory
quality management specifications


Our customers


Michael Wurm

Staff unit quality management
AWO Altenhilfe GmbH

We were able to define the necessary information material, questions and processes with SayWay. Today, we can say that senior citizens, relatives and visitors in our senior citizen centres make good use of our feedback terminals. We have increased the number of responses 10-fold, compared to the previous, paper-based feedback method.


Prim. Dr. Christian Wiederer

Specialist for physical medicine and general rehabilitation
President of the Austrian Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

It is particularly important to our team to receive prompt feedback from our patients in order to react rapidly and implement improvements. A written feedback system is not just too slow for us, in many cases it is not meaningful enough. SayWay allows our guests to immediately express themselves positively or negatively, giving us the opportunity to improve our processes in a timely manner based on the case in question.

Oliver Steidle

Head of the staff unit quality management and
clinical risk management, Essen University Hospital

We are very satisfied with the establishment of the electronic feedback system. We can now ascertain more easily what processes can and must be improved for our patients and visitors. The easy to use feedback system also makes it simpler and more attractive to our older patients and guests. The flexible dashboard easily provides a general, but also more detailed, overview of all feedback.
Personalised improvements, very important to us, were then implemented in a prompt and attentive manner.


Axel Trompeter

Facility manager
Senior citizen’s centre St. Raphael, Caritas

SayWay terminals impressed us very much when we compared their price-performance relationship with other suppliers, particularly with regards to operability and the menu system. The final decision for the SayWay floor stands was an easy one, thanks to the excellent support provided by the SayWay team. Compared to when we used to collect paper-based feedback from our customers every two years, the round the clock satisfaction survey is an enormous asset; we can record the praise, but also take immediate action following any complaints. The level of feedback has increased significantly, as has the meaningfulness of such permanently up-to-date feedback.

Julius Bylitza

Quality and process manager
Asklepios Clinic Harburg

We decided to establish an electronic feedback system in addition to the already existing paper-based continuous patient surveys. We were excellently supported during the planning and development phase. Thanks to the features offered by SayWay, we have the opportunity to evaluate the satisfaction of our patients individually and to react rapidly to feedback.


Regina Schönach

Specialist in integrated care | Strategic purchasing
Meconex and Centramed, operators of group practices in Switzerland

We are very satisfied with the range of services provided by SayWay. They documented carefully from the start, familiarised us with the topic, provided examples and a lot of excellent input, all due to their great expertise. Rapid reaction time and genial programme flexibility – names and questions can be edited within minutes. The devices are also very attractive. In addition to the great service, the pricing in Switzerland was also very fair. Both our patients and ourselves have profited greatly from SayWay. Thank you very much.


Prof. Maria Eberlein-Gonska

University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus
at the Technical University of Dresden

We have learned a lot about the topic of digital feedback working with SayWay. The idea arose through digital feedback in other service sectors that showed the clear benefits of immediate/rapid action against dissatisfaction. An important driving force was to move the responsibility for complaints processing from the central area of quality and medical risk management to the actual areas of responsibility, so that contact persons could react directly to messages and initiate improvement measures.

Dr. med. Florian Elgeti

Radiology practice Am Marstall – Hanover

We have sharpened our awareness of the essentials in our radiology practice with SayWay med. Our focus is now aimed at patient and employee satisfaction!

Sebastian van Elk

Assistant manager organisation development
Krankenhäuser und Senioreneinrichtungen Wesel-Emmerich/Rees GmbH

I was positively surprised, both by the feedback figures, and by the variety of evaluation options. The findings deliver a dataset that is significantly better, more specific and larger than what we could previously obtain. The total volume of feedback has tripled compared to previous annual figures!

Günter Brands

Pharmacist, Günter Brands e.K.
Expert pharmacist for dispensing pharmacies

As a customer-oriented pharmacy, we try to continuously improve ourselves. Our SayWay is a great help here. Customer praise and criticism reaches us in a simple manner. Constructive criticism helps us review and improve our actions. And customer praise increases our motivation and deal with the requirements of our work in a better way.

Johannes Keuck

Facility manager of the Caritas centre, Neustadt

With SayWay, we constantly receive important information about appointment allocation and give our customers the opportunity to share their impressions about the quality of advice directly with us. The attractive terminal invites people to enter information, as shown by the large volume of feedback from our customers.
Setting up the surveys and evaluating the results are easy to do and contact with SayWay is customer-oriented, reliable and fast.

Curious about SayWay med?

Contact us now to find out more!


Catherina Holz

Business Development Manager

    The floor stand

    Most popular system due to its mobility

    Height-adjustable feet and a reinforced pillar ensure stability, even on uneven floors. Metal elements are available in all standard (RAL) colours and the topper is designed to meet customer CI specifications. Developed in Cologne, optimised and tested in more than 12 000 applications.

    Available with a 4G SIM card

    Delivered in a SayWay Safebox

    The wall system

    Ideal for busy locations and narrow passageways

    The use of this space-saving wall system is perfect for high frequency locations in smaller areas. It is available in various colours and with individualised metal elements. The scope of delivery includes a mounting kit with instructions, so that the wall system can be rapidly and securely mounted.

    Conforms to fire regulations, even in narrow passageways

    Available with a 4G SIM card

    Delivered in a SayWay Safebox

    The counter system

    Ideal for pharmacies, medical supply shops and advice centres

    The mobile counter system is primarily suitable for smaller locations where the reception is the most frequented room. The metal housing is available in various colours and the topper is designed according to your CI specifications. Like the floor stands and wall systems, the counter system is also delivered in a SayWay Safebox.

    Available with a 4G SIM card

    Delivered in a SayWay Safebox

    The feedback tablet

    The mobile all-rounder

    Ideal for use in quieter locations (e.g. inside patient rooms, seating in clinic/practice reception areas), or for detailed, complex discharge questionnaires that need more time. Tablet systems are fitted with antibacterial protective covers and, if requested, are available with a personalised SayWay cover.

    Available with a 4G SIM card